What exactly is Immediate Edge?

Since its inception, Bitcoin prices have been on a steady climb, reaching an all-time high of nearly $20,000 in December 2017. From then on, more and more investors were recorded, all looking for new lucrative opportunities to make cryptocurrency trading even more profitable. As a result of this outstanding feature, the so-called trading bots have gained massive popularity. Immediate Edge is one of the most promising possibilities. The website for this software provides insights into true success stories that traders worldwide have been able to write with Immediate Edge. Anyone who registers here can reap extraordinary rewards.

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What exactly is Immediate Edge?
Immediate Edge is a software for automated trading and is available to anyone who trades or wants to trade cryptocurrency. The bot helps to make profits without the trader having to do much in terms of technical analysis, among other things. The latter are actually absolutely necessary if one wants to profit successfully from the trading market. Immediate Edge uses the most innovative trading algorithms so that the market can be scanned for clues that indicate whether lucrative results are guaranteed here. The platform gives everyone in the world access to trading strategies that have already led to millions for experienced traders and investors.

The modes of operation and the available features
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Immediate Edge and who is behind it
Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to really determine where exactly or who exactly let that bot come into being. However, this fact is mitigated by the fact that an increasing number of reputable and regulated brokers have an intensive partnership with Immediate Edge. The cutting-edge technology used here alone clearly shows that there are absolute experts in computer programming at work in the background of the tool, who, among other things, have an outstanding knowledge of financial markets.

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This is what people think about Immediate Edge
I was hoping to make some money on the internet, but somehow I never found the time to do so. Then all of a sudden I came across Immediate Edge! Of course, I can’t claim to be a billionaire by any means yet, but I’m currently earning almost the same money as I do in my regular job, with the difference that I now only have to invest around 30 minutes a day in my account. At the beginning of the whole thing, I couldn’t even realise how quickly and how much my capital changed. Immediate Edge is definitely the bot I would recommend to anyone without a guilty conscience.

How it fares in terms of advantages and disadvantages
The advantages:

– registration is free: With Immediate Edge, the registration, which is necessary for an account, is completely free and no other fees, if any, are charged.

– the platform is user-friendly: the interface of Immediate Edge can be easily operated by everyone, even by traders who are just starting out or are completely inexperienced in binary and crypto trading.

– The profit rates are enormous: The tests we carried out were able to prove that traders with Immediate Edge indeed have the greatest chances of making profits. In all our trades, we had an average of 88 percent success.

– The payout is immediate: Do you need your money? Then you will get it directly. In most cases, the payout takes place within a period of only 24 hours. Regulated brokers handle every single payout here.

– Compatible with mobile browsers: You can control and track all your trades via a smartphone.


– Crypto options are only limited: Unfortunately, only some cryptocurrencies can be traded.

The conclusion to Immediate Edge
The cryptocurrency market has created an option for everyone to make money, via coins in conjunction with trading financial assets. Because of this additional income with cryptocurrency, many people can now live a much more comfortable life. In order for everyone to have such an opportunity, experts developed the most advanced tools to maximise profits and minimise risks in parallel. Should you register with Immediate Edge, you can definitely expect this.

Compared to other bots
The Immediate Edge platform is a great place to start.